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Swimming in the ocean with sea turtles, trying to catch a wave as a surfer newbie, lying at the beach while getting a tan, eating healthy local food, meeting new people, reading a lot of books, experiencing different yoga classes…. I could go on and on with things I want to try or to do again.

New things to try

On this journey I want to learn how to surf – I mean like really good. I had my first surf lesson in Hawaii a couple of months ago and I loved it. So I said to myself: Yesss I need to learn this for good. Also I want to take different yoga classes. I am a beginner yogi and not that flexible yet, but I love how yoga helps me to calm my mind and I discoverd so many health benefits ever since I started a few months ago. I’ve always loved cooking but this year I started to focus on superfoods and healthy and clean food. Thats why I am very excited to try healthy local food in Bali and Australia. Maybe I am even going to take a cooking class.

To travel and always looking for new adventures abroad is my passion. Thats why to travel is to live for me.


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