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Australia on a budget as a non backpacker

Australia on a budget as a non backpacke

Hello Guys

I am travelling around Australia since six week and yes a lot of people already told me, but now that I am here I couldn’t agree more: It is expensive!

Those of you, who have met me, know that I am not exactly the backpacker kind of type. But after a few weeks I though: “hey why not – I give it a try?” Well after three nights I know now for sure – not my thing.

But as most of the people I don’t have endless money to spend. During my journey through Australia I talked to a lot of people, who gave me great tips. Unfortunately a few tips came to late for me. But I do want to share them with you.


Bus, Car, Plane, Campervan? Choose wisely!


If you’re looking for the real adventure go for a Campervan. I hired a hippie bus by Wicked Campervan for a week and drove along the east coast. Wicked Campervan even offer free nights when you arrive naked at the check-in (nope I didn’t do it).

Juicy Camper Not as “fun” as the Wicked Campervans but certainly worth looking at.

Hippie Bus I didn’t now them before, but I really love the design. Pure hippiness!

GET IT CHEAPER: Here is the thing I didn’t now about. If you look on the website called car relocation. You’ll find a lot of Campervans and Cars for only 5 AUD in total! You can choose from the various routes. For Example Sydney to Brisbane or Adelaide to Melbourne and they give you a certain time rage like for example two weeks, ten days or whatever. So if you are quite flexible I highly recommend going for an offer like this, since you get your campervan or car more or less for free – except for the fuel.


If you are not the camping kind of type and looking for a car but can’t find one on the relocation site, I recommend comparing the fares on They have almost every company in it and it’s the easiest way.


I never travelled with the bus since I was looking for the road trip feeling and I didn’t know exactly where I wanted to stay.

If you already know your stops I recommend going with the greyhound bus. They offer hop-on-hop-Passes. And if you want to safe a night in motel you can choose the overnight drive.

In Melbourne you can catch the free city tram and Perth there is a free city bus circle. If you stay longer I always recommend getting a bus card because one single ride is cheaper with a card and of course it’s also easier.


Talking about the easiest way: Since I worked as a travel agent I am familiar with most of the booking apps. But I’ haven’t heard about the next two apps. They became my best friends.

Sky Scanner Flights and Sky Scanner Hotels

Skyscanner Flights shows more or less every Airline and event the tiniest Airport. Always check different dates because the fares vary a lot.

The worst Airline for me was Tigerair but it’s one of the cheapest Airlines. Sometimes they have Fares starting at 17 AUD. BUT make sure you check if your baggage is included. Most of the time you pay 25 AUD extra for 20 Kg and you are only allowed to bring a 7 KG hand luggage – they to weight it. I would know since I had to pay overweight for my bag twice.



As mentioned above with the app sky scanner hotels you will find a lot of good deals. The app scans all major booking sites like agoda, or But you only get the good deals in a double room. So the best thing is to look for a travel partner. You find partners on various Websites like Gumtree or Australian Explorer.

If you stay a little longer I recommend staying in an Airbnb apartment. Then you also have the possibility to cook at home, which is a very good way to safe money in Australia.

If you are looking for a hostel anyway, you’ll find good deals with the hostelworld app. It also includes Motels and BB.

A great way to stay in a house, but not spending any money is to try house sitting. I never did it because you have to be super flexible on the dates and there is also a fierce competition. But if you have enough time and you are flexible you should check out a few websites like Trusted Housesitteres or Aussie Housesitters.


After my first grocery shopping I was very surprised by the Aussie prices espacially when it comes to veggies. For two avocados I had to pay 6 AUD. This is why I recommend not to shop in the big shopping centers like Woolworth. Rather buy your veggies on local markets or in china town for example in Melbourne. Compared to Switzerland fish and meat is no expensive at all but the water is. You can always get tap water if you want to safe that money.

I guess these where the most important tips for now.  If you have any questions or if you have  a great tip, feel free to contact me. 🙂

Xoxo Nadine




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