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There's more to see

“From the day we arrive on the planet and blinking, step into the sun there’s more to see than can ever be seen more to do than can ever be done there’s far too much to take in here more to find than can ever be found…”

Those lines from the song “The circle of Life” couldn’t describe better how I feel right now. As you all know, I am still traveling around the world, because I have the deep urge to see more and I surrendered myself to my wanderlust.grand palace

Right now I am discovering Thailand. I started in Bangkok and it’s pretty much how I expected it to be: loud, busy and lots of traffic. Grand Palace and Wat Pho were breathtaking, China Town impressive and the view from the Sky Bar stunning. Of course I didn’t see nearly enough. But ever since I worked as a Travel Agent I had the urge to see Chiang Mai. But after living in hotels, hostels, airbnb’s or even villas I wanted to experience something different, something more real. So that’s why I was looking for a homestay and again the universe just put the right thing in front of me.

I am now staying a little outside of Chiang Mai with a very nice family. Yul, the house owner was born in this house, which belonged to his grandparents. His wife is currently in France, visiting their sun. So this is why Yul not only speaks Thai and English but also French. He is very friendly and helps me organizing trips – away from the huge tourist groups (I had enough of them in Bangkok).

Every night you can have dinner with the family and the other travellers from the homestay. So yesterday when I gazed at the stunning river view, Pom – the chef – invited me to watch her cook. She is such a warmhearted person and let me do almost everything and explained as good as possible what kind of ingredient she uses. The food was more than amazing – that’s what I call real authentic Thai food.

So for tomorrow we go together to the local market and then we cook everything together from scratch. Couldn’t ask for a better cooking class.

Of course I will share my experience with you in my next blog post. And there are a lot of other adventures planed – I am exited. 🙂

I send you all my best wishes wherever you are.

xoxo Nadine

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