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I am standing in front of an old shabby house looking in a dark muggy room with one massage bed in the middle of the room and a curtain that doesn’t cover anything. The house is hidden in an alley where no tourist would ever come. But yet here I am. Overthinking my decision though. But Lele has already gone inside the house and is talking with a Balinese couple. I feel like this is the part in the movies where you think: “No don’t go in the house”. But the actor does it anyway and so am I. Once I was inside Putu and his wife looked at me with a warm smile and I am not so scared any more.

But from the beginning. Since two month now I feel sick all day (like I would have to throw up) and it gets even worse after eating. Sucked at home but sucks even more on vacation. The doctors in Switzerland said it’s something with my stomached  and couldn’t exactly help me. Since I have stomached problems anyway I didn’t wanted to waist my time and money with many doctors so I kind of ignored the problem. But it got worse. One night in a bar I met this friendly women from Australia and she told me about her experience with a healer here in Bali. She said ever since she was there for a treatment her pain was gone. That’s why I asked her for the address. But I was impossible for me to find it so I asked my friend Lele to take me there. One treatment is only 25 Dollar so I though I’ll give it a try.

Putu asks me to lay down on the massage bed (which I guess is older than he is) and to wait. I didn’t explain why I came to see him or anything about my condition. And neither did Lele – because I didn’t tell him exactly what my problem was.

So I am lying there on this old smelly massage bed, hoping for a miracle, when Put comes in and touches my back for like 30 seconds. And then he sais: “ Ohhhhh miiiss Nadia (not) your stomached is really really bad ohhhh”. WTF how could he now that? And this only with touching my back? Then he continuous “oh and your head also is really bad, must have a lot of headache Nadia.” Well except for the name he pretty much summed up my problems. There it was: My miracle.

For the next hour he was massaging almost every part of my body including all my organs – with his eyes mostly closed. It kind of felt like acupuncture but it didn’t hurt. At the end he put a tissue or something like that on my belly and prayed to the tissue with a very quiet and gently voice. That was the moment when it was creepy again. I guess he could feel my insecurity because he said to me (without opening his eyes) “this makes the bad ghosts go far away”. Aha ok. After the treatment he gave me some holy water from a holy lake – of course he prayed at the water first. I was overwhelmed. So many feelings. It was very creepy in the beginning followed by astonishment. But I also felt the magic in this room and a special aura surrounded this man.

Well now here is the real miracle: Never ever have I felt sick again after his treatment. And I can assure you guys this is no placebo. Since I didn’t actually believe it in the first place.

I am so grateful that I had this experience and I am blessed that Putu could help me. If you are ever in Bali and you are sick I can only recommend you to go see him. You have to make an appointment though. You can do this by sending his wife an e-mail: [email protected]

If you don’t find the way – just ask my dear friend Lele.

Xoxo Nadine



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