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Peace is what I get here in Byron Bay from everyone. Well, driving in a hippie bus with a huge peace sign at the front makes people smile at you I guess. But it’s not only the bus. Byron Bay is definitely a town with a very friendly and peaceful vibe. Except you’re staying here when the schoolies come to town, which would be now. So here we are with thousands of school kids enjoying their first holiday and getting drunk all day and all night long. Haha timing is everything right? But it doesn’t matter cause we have so many nice experience and I want to share them with you.

Let’s talk about the bus again. As you can see on the pic it’s a Pink Floyd bus. The other day we wanted to see the lighthouse in Byron but were a little bit lazy so we drove the way up (shame on us) and Rahel navigated the bus directly to a free parking slot five meters from the lighthouse away. As we wanted to get out of the bus, a friendly man knocked at the window and told us about the parking fee – 8 AUS Dollar. Looking at the bus he smiled and said: “Or if you name me the most selling Album ever I let you park for free”. What an offer right? So I guessed (you too I think) it must be Pink Floyd. Oh wait that’s the band not the album. Do you know it? Well we didn’t and we had to pay the fee. Sucks. Well the answer is: Dark side of the moon. I will never forget that one. But when I was back in our room I googled it and it turns out, it’s not anymore. I want my money back!! Anyway just to let you know on the back of our car there is the song text – of course from Pink Floyd – from the song “Wish you were here”. Good song btw. And I did know that one.

The next story started in Sydney. We met this very nice couple in the bus and were chatting about stuff and they gave me a flyer with their amazing guesthouse in Melbourne. And what a coincident they would be in Byron the same time as we did. So I texted them when we arrived and we went to say “hi” at their apartment. They invited us in and we had a lovely afternoon talking to Geraldine and Tony. A couple that shows you what real love looks like. They are married for 20 years now but if you had asked me I would have said they are on their honeymoon – amazing. They shared so many tips with us. You know where to go and where not to go – we don’t wont to be with tourists – and then even invited us for an amazing dinner. How lucky are we? So blessed. Again: Timing is everything!

We love Byron so we extended our stay here. We will stay till Saturday and I am pretty sure by then I have a lot of new stories.

Peace and love



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