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Hello everyone

Just a week ago I arrived in Sydney Australia and now I am already in Byron Bay. But let me first tell you about Sydney.

With an overnight flight from Bali we arrived in Sydney. The flight was not as long as expected and we each had our own row to sleep. For our stay in Sydney we had booked an apartment in Coogee, which was right at the beach even closer as showed on the pics. But the pics were, lets say a little, photoshoped anyway. The apartment was ok but not very clean. But as I said the location was fantastic.

Arriving in Australia I was prepared to see some spiders (but still praying that I wont) and for an ocean with lots of sharks but not for the “cold” weather. When I left Bali it was sooo hot but that’s what I was looking for. Sydney: 22 Celsius! What? Freezing for me.

Since Australia is the country with all kind of animals I’ve never seen (some I don’t want to see) before, we decided to go for a National Park or a Zoo that is similar to a National Park. My main purpose was to hold a Koala. You now not just see them hanging in a tree (which is also very cute) I want to hold one. So we went to Taronga Zoo – since everyone said we should go there. We paid 50 AUS Dollars entrance fee! Bye Bye cheap Bali. The Zoo was not at all what I expected – it was like a real Zoo. Haha I know what you think now. Well let me put it like that: If you live in Switzerland it was kind of like Dälhölzli. Anyway I went to the Koala encounter cause that’s what I came for. And guess what? Turns out I have to pay an extra 25 AUS Dollar to actually go in. Well I would have paid the fee buuut it was sold out! What a great morning.

After taking a few pics from the Koalas hanging in the trees, not in my arms, we left Taronga Zoo with the Ferry.

We went to see a friend of mine in Manly and had a nice afternoon at the beach and a lovely dinner with her and her friends. Manly is a very nice place and I definitely recommend going there.

The next day we wanted to see famous bondi beach. Allow me one other comparison with Switzerland: Marzili as it best. Picture me laying in hundreds of people trying to read my book while the wind gets stronger and stronger covering me with sand allover. Not my place either.

Well we did some more sightseeing with an other friend of mine. She now lives in Sydney with her boyfriend and we had our private little tour. Thank you super Sybille. 😉

Do I like Sydney? As you probably already guessed – not so much. I feel like Sydney doesn’t know whether it’s a small town or a big city. I imagined it bigger you know like Los Angeles big. Even the Opera House seemed much bigger then on the pictures I saw. But the people are very nice and open-minded always giving us nice tips.

But I want summer summer summer. My weather app (and all the Aussies) said: Go north.

How do I go there? Car? Greyhound Bus? I don’t want to waist too much money but also I don’t want to sit 13h in a Bus. What’s the middle way? A van. But not just a Van – a hippie van.

How that will work out you read in my next post.



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