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Hi Guys

I didn’t have Wi-Fi the last couple days so I had no time to write you. In my last post I mentioned that I am going to extend my stay in Byron, which I did. Unfortunately it was raining the whole time. So one week in Byron Bay and only one sunny day is definitely too long. All the activities are made for sunshine so we got quite, well not bored, but sick of the rain. I went to yoga class every day that’s the good part. And I visited a Koala Sanctuary where they treat injured Koalas. Nothing like a Zoo. I was very touched with how much passion the volunteers treat those cute little things. I was tempted to keep one. 😉 No, the good thing is, they are all going to be free after they are healthy again. If you ever go up there you should definitely visit the place or even donate some money. Other than that we hadn’t much going on so why not leave right? Well overexcited as we were, we already booked three nights in Byron and we had the car till Saturday so we kind of had to stay or loose the money. But the car or better van was a real blessing and gave us so much freedom and as I already told you – a lot of nice stories. If you know me, you know how much I love to drive around in a car especially for road trips. But turns out that I didn’t get the “left side” that well. Even though there was a huge sticker in our car: Stay sexy, stay left. I didn’t quite feel it. So that’s why I was more the navigation system for Rahel. With two GPS (yes we had two-don’t know why) and a phone in my hand. Rahel drove the van so good and safe but definitely not in a hippie slow kind of style ;).

After a long week in hippie Byron we flew from Brisbane to Cairns. Hello sunshine and hello humidity. I kind of missed it can you believe it?
I will write to you soon.

Xoxo Nadine


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  • Reply Katja

    my sis has fuel in the blood! i can imagine how she drove the hippie van!! 🙂

    December 7, 2015 at 10:54 am
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