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  • liebster award

    Blog Award

    I only started with my blog this November and I already experienced so much love and learned a lot in…

  • Journal

    Bali Life

    Hi guys Sorry for the long absence. A few of you guys contacted me to know what was going on…

  • An island in silence

    An island in silence

    I hate New Year’s Eve. The food in every restaurant is overpriced, you need to order your bottle of champagne…

  • Journal

    Beautiful souls

    Hello Everyone Times passes so fast. I am now travelling alone. Well only since two days 😉 But this time…

  • Travels

    Amazing Thailand

    Hello Everyone Wow I just realised how long I haven’t been writing. So there is a lot of catching up…

  • Travels

    Monkey Mind

    Breath in, Breath out. My foot got numb. Thinking, thinking, thinking. Why is this man making those loud breathing noises?…