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Learn with locals in Bali

learn with locals lettering

Bali is such an inspiring place and I meet creative people every day. I always wanted to do more creative things, but never found the right places to do so. A few months ago I met this awesome girl who puts together different workshops in Bali and the best part about it: Every workshop is taught by locals.

Therefore her business name: learn with locals.

Recently I attend the hand lettering workshop and absolutely loved it. If you want to check out the latest workshop and how you can attend simply check out the website and get inspired:

learn with locals bali

To give you guys some more details about the business I had an interview with the founder, Ulla.

How did you get the idea for your business?

The idea was shaped over a period of 2 years actually. I used to be an Airbnb host and rent out my place in Copenhagen and I just kinda missed being able to offer more than just a bed, I wanted to connect with my guests in a different and deeper way. I then went traveling and saw the lack of unique experiences in different places, I found it really hard to actually find information about unique things to do with locals in different destinations – and the same when I came to Bali, I didn’t really find that many interesting things to do that weren’t already on TripAdvisor and these places.

What is your business about?

It’s about expanding your horizon through connection and learning, about empowerment and being inspired and inspiring others.

Of course, it’s also about learning something new, like a new skill or brush up on an old hobby or skill once learned, but never really cultivated. But ultimately, it’s about having fun and meeting other people who might inspire you.

When I did a lace bra workshop last week, where you learn to make (and sew) your own lace bra in just 4 hours, the girls were like: “Omg, I haven’t sewn in ages, not since my grandmother taught me” – so I think (or I hope) that for a moment, they were taken back to that cheerful moment of being a child, about letting go and forgetting about adult life and just creating and being focused on doing and learning a craft or a specific skill.

I just hope that I can help make some connections and by cultivating an exchange of passions that might help create a community of people who can share and learn from each other.

You know, if I come to Bali for a holiday or I stay here for a while, I might be inspired by Sasti who has created her own Intimates label here or Indri who started her own eco-friendly skin care company or Wayan who is so passionate about photography and shooting sunrises and sunsets – that when I go back home, I might also feel like I can do this, if they can, so can I – and it doesn’t have to be about starting a company or becoming a micro-entrepreneur, but way more about believing in yourself and saying YES, I can!

Do you also offer custom services?

I actually have a few people asking me for advice on kids activities or recommendations on Bali etc, so yes, in a way, I guess you can say that I do, but I don’t get any money, it’s generally just about helping people to have a better and deeper connection with a place and its people when they come here.

In terms of private workshops, I do organize that as well and my plan is to offer this to retreat, owners, who might be looking for some unique experiences to offer their guests when they run a yoga, surf or any kind of retreat for that matter.

Wouldn’t you rather go experience something unique from a local person rather than visit the tourist places filled with people like yourself?

What kind of workshops did you already have?

I currently have different ones in Canggu and Ubud. We just did a one day coding class where you could learn to make a one-page website from scratch – that was fun, other than that and the Calligraphy that you attended and the natural skin care workshop, we’re also doing Lightroom editing, how to make presets and we’re launching two new ones this month: How to make your own astrology bracelet and leather passport holder.

Wander often, wonder always!

learn with locals bali


learn with locals nadine

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  • Reply Nikki

    Bali was such anamazing experience. I stayed 3 months there and had an amazing time.

    January 10, 2018 at 9:52 am
    • Reply Blonde Seashell

      It is simply amazing! So glad you liked it!

      January 28, 2018 at 4:41 am

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