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How to Travel the World by Becoming a Scuba Diving Instructor

Indonesia and Bali is the scuba diving center of the known universe.

Every year, tens of thousands of people flock to sites like Menjangan Island and Crystal Bay, in search of world-class diving experiences. There’s just one question. – What if instead of a once a year diving holiday, you could train to become a dive instructor and make diving your life?


Love Travel? – Love Diving More Than You Love Free Wifi?

Visiting a dive center in Bali is about stepping through a portal into a whole new world. What is more, if you feel that inspired every time you suit up and hit the open water, it might be about time that you embarked upon a dedicated PADI instructor course.


How & Why Should You Think About Scuba Diving for a Living?

Neptune Scuba Diving in Bali sees people each and every day who dream about taking the plunge and learning how to become a diving instructor.

Sadly, even when in the scuba diving capital of the world at one of Bali’s foremost PADI instructor course centers, many people still choose to not to try and make their dream a reality.

From future job security worries to budget constraints, many people can’t break the grip of the so-called ‘real world’ and what they see as more sensible long-term career paths. Scuba diving, however, isn’t about closing doors. If anything, a PADI instructor course is about opening up to a whole new world of possibility.


Benefits of Being a Dive Instructor

  • A PADI instructor course equips people with a skill which is always in demand all around the world
  • Scuba diving instructors who train and gain qualification in Bali, go on to work everywhere from the Outer Hebrides in Scotland to iconic destinations in Egypt, Australia, and South America
  • A PADI instructor course opens the door to several personal and professional advancement opportunities
  • Scuba diving professionally can put people on course to becoming underwater photographers, videographers, conservation professionals, and even owners of their own scuba diving businesses
  • Diving for a living helps divers introduce others to the importance, beauty, and fragility of the wider natural world around them


Could You Train as a Divemaster Here in Indonesia?

At the Neptune IDC Center in Bali, our Instructor Development Course is designed to give people the skills and experience they need to start scuba diving as a career choice. All course participants need is a love of scuba diving and a genuine want to escape the 9-5 monotony of the office cubicle farm back home.

Of course, changing your career and diving straight into diving isn’t for everyone. While it is possible to pick up scuba diving work easily after completion of our IDC course, those with limited savings or X amount due in monthly mortgage payments back home may want to tie up financial and personal loose ends prior to diving into diving full-time.


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