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If you guys read my latest post you might have realized that I was having a down-phase, but I was always certain there would be a turn-around but I still felt I needed some energy from outside or some sort of sign. So I decided to drive to Ubud and find a healer. I know very Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat Pray Love but hey what can I say? After all, I do live in Bali.

So I was thinking in my head about going to a healer, but I didn’t tell anyone. While having a coffee with a friend she mentioned that she just recently went to see a healer in Ubud and he helped her with her health issues. Well if that’s not a sign I don’t know what is.

So I asked her for directions to this healer. Because going to a healer is not like going to a Spa, where you just book your treatment online. You drive there and see whether he is present or not. So I drove there and lucky me, he was.

When I arrived, he was already treating an older couple, dressed very inappropriately (I mean I could see the women’s underwear the whole time). Both of them were screaming like they wouldn’t see the daylight of tomorrow, but let me describe the whole setting to you.

Entering the Balinese village and hearing that couple screaming, made me reconsider my decision but since I was already there I walked straight to the gazebo surrounded by trees, offering places and of course the homes of the village’s inhabitants. I sat on a few steps at the edge of the gazebo and watched what was the happening. This old man, who I later discovered is 90 years old, was pinching the women, laying on a mat on the floor, with a wooden stick and kept explaining what was wrong with her liver and her joints.

After his treatment or however you want to call it, he did the same to the husband who screamed even louder, which made me a little nervous since I was next in line. A few screams later the treatment was finished and it was my turn. The healer went back to sitting on his chair (that’s where he does his examination) and I had to sit in front of him on the floor with my back to him. He pulled my head back on his knees and started pressing around my back head and his fingers were sliding over my eyes, my nose; well basically my whole face. He didn’t say anything or ask me any questions and my eyes were closed the whole time. After one minute of touching and pressing on my head, he said: “ok lay on the mat”. A little worried I moved over to the mat on the floor and waited for him to start telling me what was wrong with me. And of course, I was prepared for deep pain. As I felt the wooden stick touching my toes I was surprised that it didn’t hurt at all. “Haha I guess I am just more pain resistant than others”, I thought. But suddenly he stopped and moved up to my head so I could hear him talking. His voice was more a whisper, but I managed to understand him anyway. He said to me: ”You don’t have any physical problems you came here because you are looking for an answer and the answer to your questions is…Wait what?

So this is what I didn’t mention in the beginning of my text: I was having troubles with making a decision. If you have two ways to go and your heart and your head tell you two different things or in my case a million different things – what do you do?

Yes, I went to the healer because I had a specific question in my head and desperately needed help, but I didn’t tell a soul about this. Literally no one. So how could he know? His answer was specific, not vague at all and certainly wouldn’t match just any random question. Besides that, everyone goes to this healer because of a physical problem so how did he know? I don’t know and I don’t care because he gave me what I was looking for.

I watched this wise old man for another hour doing his magic to six other people and everyone was hurting when he pressed the trigger points with the wooden stock and he talked to no one else directly.

This experience is one of the reasons why I love Bali. Living abroad is not always easy and living in a country with a completely different culture than your own is sometimes challenging. But the adventures I get to experience are so worth it.


Xoxo Nadine





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