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Hello my friends from all over the world – mostly Switzerland 😉

I am sitting in my cold room and I am enjoying my air condition, while outside it’s like a hundred degree Celsius. This is because of a volcano eruption in Lombok. All flights are canceled but I don’t care, cause I don’t want to leave this beautiful island. But from the beginning: We started our trip on Sunday and arrived Monday November 2nd on Bali. Even tough I hate to be in airplanes I can say – it was a very nice trip and Emirates has nice staff and a lot of movies. When we arrived our driver Eddy was already waiting for us at the airport. It was kind of tricky to find him since there were like a thousands Asian people waiting with a sign and names on it (written in very very tiny letters). But we found him and he drove us to our villa, where Julie was waiting for us with a pineapple drink. I mean the drink was actually in the pineapple, how the hell did she know I loooove pineapples? Anyway we had our first night at the villa (while I was moving in my room a few salamanders where looking at me very angry cause I put the light on) and when we woke up Wayane, the housekeeper, was waiting for us with breakfast. Heaven. Can you believe it: The first Breakfast and Eddy (well not Eddy himself) are included in the prize? Nice. We were still a little jetlagged so we decided to stay at the pool and laying in the sun or shade. In the evening we went to Fat Chow a very nice organic restaurant in Kuta.


According to lonely planet and Julie you should only us bali bird taxis but they are very hard to find. So when we finally found one we asked the driver for his number, which he gave us. We also asked if he had what’s app but I answered: No only instagram. Hahah ok. After we made our plans for the next day we texted him, if he could pick us up the next day at 9 am and he agreed. So the next day, hump day or also called Wednesday, we were waiting for him. Rahel checked if he was there, but there was an other taxi outside trying to get us in the taxi. Rahel explained that we wont go with his taxi, since we ordered one and closed or smashed the doors. 10 minutes later still no taxi driver. So went outside and decided to go with that other guy anyway – since he was still in front of our door… Turns out: he was our taxi driver. The guy from yesterday had the day off and sent his friend… oh my god. We were so sorry and he was so cute that he waited anyway. So long story short: we had a driver for the whole day. He took us to our first stop: Petitenget. What a nice place to eat. You have to try it, if you ever go to Bali. Homemade granola with coconut and mango and avocado-humus toast were so delicious. After a heavenly breakfast / brunch we went to a nail studio and afterwards to the beach where we enjoyed the sun. You can feel that the sun is different here in Bali. I used LSF 100 and refreshed my cream every 15 minutes. I don’t want to get burned. We enjoyed the sunset at B9B Bar and after a quick shower we went for a “little” shopping trip. Since the first stop was on of my favorite labels, my visa card is already burning…While we were looking for a place to eat dinner we almost melted. It was so hot; the volcano definitely did his work. Dinner was at the Bali Café. Very very good again and the prices were perfect for my burning credit card. Also the interior design was stunning.

So here I am now, in my room ,typing these lines and trying to get over my jetlag. Gäbig. You will find the pics from the villa and some impressions from the last two days in the gallery. I will update it from time to time.

Best wishes from lovely Bali.

xoxo Nadine



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  • Reply Däni

    So good to read from you :-)! I see you both have a wonderful time in bali! I remember – this island is so pretty but there was no organic and healthy food in 2008 ;-). So I have to go again and try these good restaurants! And of course the pineapples are waiting everywhere of you ;-). Enjoy!! Big hugs from Switzerland :-*

    November 5, 2015 at 8:07 am
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