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Do what makes your soul shine

Do what makes your soul shine

Dear Friends

Not sure if you noticed, but I kind of stopped writing. Guess I was too busy creating a life here in Bali. While I was in Switzerland for a short visit in July a lot of you guys asked me to write more and tell stories about my everyday life and one question always came up: Where do you live now? Well the answer is simple: Bali! Like I said, for the past few months I started to create a life here.

So from now on I will blog about my daily life, my adventures and the magic of Bali. I will also write posts about “my Bali”. Where I like to go to for yummy food, yoga or sunset drinks. So if you ever decide to visit me, you will hopefully have a long list of stuff to do.

Do what makes your soul shine

This quote explains pretty much why I left. The past few years in Switzerland I wasn’t happy. Don’t get me wrong, I know I had a good life. I have the best friends, a job, I was studying and had a great apartment. But my soul didn’t shine and I’ve been missing the ocean and the sun. You could say I was maybe a little lost.

After travelling around and spending time here in Bali I found that peace I was looking for.

I am still living with the Timsons, the Aussie family, who helped ground me in Bali. I think the hardest part in Bali is not when power goes off, not when the water won’t work or when you’re stuck in traffic everyday. The hardest part is to find good friends. People come and go in Bali and so it’s hard to make friends with a deeper connection. In Roweena I found a very good friend, someone who you can have intense conversations, great laughs and some kick-ass workouts. I love that we can share our creativity or just watch an episode from our favourite TV series. Audrey is like a little sister to me. That girl will one day rule the world. Full of energy, happiness and super intelligent.

While I was on holidays in Switzerland I even missed the pets. You just have to love them. So with this great people in my life, Bali has become home for me.

I just got back home to Bali and I am already planning my next trip. Next week I am going to Thailand for a week. Of course I will write about it here and share some pictures on Instagram. Then I will fly around the world. Literally. I am going to Los Angeles. My very best friend is getting married! I can’t wait and I am super happy to share this amazing moment with her.

Sending you love and happiness to wherever you are.

Xoxo Nadine

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  • Reply Daniela

    Beautiful Post! Can’t wait to visit you in Bali and having some sunset drinks and much of yummy food with you :)… xoxo

    August 4, 2016 at 1:37 pm
  • Reply Trina from Inspired By Twelve

    We are coming to Canggu next week. If you are around, I’m totally down for a kick-a workout 🙂

    April 27, 2018 at 10:23 am
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