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A lot of things to tell you guys about. After visiting the Great Barrier Reef we went to Daintree Rainforest. Another amazing place on this earth. I felt a little nervous about going to there. You know spiders and everything. But I wanted to see this place. We chose a great company that I highly recommend since there are max. 8 persons in a group. We were only six so you can learn a lot from your guide. Rob our tour guide was amazing he knew a lot about the nature and the animals. Which is quite useful cause they can hide very well and I also felt safer. I didn’t want to step on a spider or a snake for that matter. It was a day full of learnings and stunning nature. We saw crocodiles, some wild Cassowary and Dragons. Everything in nature has a purpose and a use. Of course you know that but if you can see it with your own eyes and realise that us humans are only a little part in the whole circle of this nature, it’s even more amazing and gets you to think.

After this amazing experience I wasn’t sure whether to go to Melbourne or make a stop in Airlie Beach. It was quite remote and expensive going there. But hey, who knows when I am going to be here again right? So we drove 8.5 hours with a Nissan micra to Airlie Beach. Literally five minutes before we reached our apartment we had a stone or something in our breaks and the care made some awful noises. But some guys helped us at a gas station – thank you!! Anyway the next day we book an ocean rafting tour to White Heaven beach. Ever since I was a teenager I said to myself: One day I will see this place. And suddenly I was there at one of the places on my bucket list. No matter how many pictures you have seen no matter how many other beautiful places you have visited: Nothing prepares you for this view!! I was so stunned I can tell you I almost cried. It was so amazing that words can’t describe it. Nature as its best! And the best part: pure nature. No hotel or too many tourists. A place where you can feel nothing else but happiness, gratitude and peace.

As I mentioned on the beginning I am now in Melbourne. Very very nice city and I like it much better than Sydney. In my next blog post you will read more about my adventures here. But for now I am still “high” from White Heaven Beach.

Love and Peace




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