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Hello everyone

With the Wi-Fi back also my posts are back. Well, I do have a connection but it’s so slow I can’t upload any pics on my blog. Guess you have to wait little – sorry for that.

So we are in Port Douglas at the moment. Don’t know where that is? Neither did I haha. Remember the lovely couple we met? They told us not to stay in Cairns but in Port Douglas – so here we are. Very very good choice. The place is so lovely. Amazing nature, and endless long Beaches with rainforest in the background. I just love it. The weather is hot and humid which I love as well. Singing (or more like screaming) birds, frogs, salamanders – just like in Bali. So we almost feel home. But that also means I watch every step I make and look around me all the time – like a paranoid person. You know – spiders… Always afraid they will jump out of a bush somewhere. Well, that didn’t happen but the other day there was a snake in front of our door. I looked at the snake, closed the door and waited a few minutes and voilà: it left.

We booked a cute (very cheap) apartment with a kitchen, which is important since the food is so expensive. And we can even wash our cloth here. Turns out I bought more than expected. Oops.

Now let me tell you about today: Great Barrier Reef. What an amazing experience. The reef was just stunning. We saw so many beautiful and colourful corals and fishes. As I didn’t wanted to snorkel with 500 Asian people (no offense) I booked a smaller and faster boat. The Wavelength crew was very nice and helpful all day. They talked with you about the reef and explained how to go in the water and use your snorkel. Apparently I always used it wrong that’s why my mask was always filled with water. But not this time and I saw a lot of fish and everything (no sharks). The reef is just huge…”and I was thinking to myself, what a wonderful.” I feel so grateful to be on this journey and I am blessed to see our beautiful nature. Under the water I felt deep peace. Amazing.

On my Instagram you see a few pics and the rest I’ll upload asap.

I hope you guys are happy and well where on this planet you are.

Xoxo Nadine


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