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Hello Everyone

Times passes so fast. I am now travelling alone. Well only since two days 😉 But this time my blog post is not about me, but about all those beautiful people I met here. It’s about those beautiful women who inspired me, laughed with me, cried with me and shared their personal story with me. Universe definitely brought us together and we all needed each other in some kind of way.

Starting with this beautiful Dutch girl. Only 22 years old but has a soul of an old and wise lady. She is currently traveling around with her boyfriend in Australia – since 10 Month in a campervan – but needed some me-time and this is why she came to Bali. When she walks into a room everyone sees her because of her amazing smile and shining aura. She is kind and compassionate and gives you a hug just in that exact moment when you need it. She definitely is a natural beauty with no make-up on just her smile. Dear girl please stay the way you are – such a wonderful person!

Writing about the next girl makes me cry because her story is just heartbreaking. She is also 22 years and already a mom of a 20 months young baby girl. When I first met her I was thinking how outgoing and happy she seemed. But after talking to her and getting to know her life story I couldn’t stop thinking how brave and strong she is and that she still has such a long and hard path in front of her. Only a few months ago her whole life was turned up side down, when the father of her child and her boyfriend killed himself and left her with her little girl alone. She told me the story with no tears or sadness in her eyes and I was so shocked about all this that I didn’t know what to say. One night when we were all having dinner together I guess it just hit her and she started crying. So I went for a walk with her, and it seemed like the whole sadness came at once. She couldn’t stop crying and telling me how bad she misses him and that she wants him back. There were no words to say that could have made it better so I just hugged her and cried with her. She came to Bali to figure out how to go one with life but in fact she already did. It needs a lot of strength to get up every morning knowing what happened and the fact that she comes to Bali to get her life back, shows me how much courage she has. And I wish her nothing else but happiness. May she find peace and happiness again. I know she will raise her daughter just perfectly and I hope at one point a new man will show up, a man who will stand by her side, protects her and will be there for her – the rest of her life. My dear friend if you’re reading this – you know how impressed I am, how you are handling life and I know you will find your way.

The next girl is literally the strongest. She works out every day around three hours. She is fitter than everyone I know and when I look at her I see a strong and confident women with a warm heart. We have a lot in common especially our weird choices when it comes to men. The other day she told me about her blog: She set herself the goal to go on a 100 dates and write about it on her blog. That is one brave thing to do. Just put your whole feelings out there right? Since she is only one year younger than me, we both have friends, who are getting married and having kids. Having someone here in Bali, who thinks the same way as you do and has the same struggles, makes me feel calmer.

An other girl I met, made me feel like: “you are not the only one”. We were talking to each other when I told her about last year and how I got burned out and I needed a break. And this was the reason why I couldn’t’ go back to work but needed some more time. She was so understanding and shared her story with me and how she experienced something similar. She is 24 years old and came to Bali to write on her novel. How amazing is this? Even though the story behind the novel is very sad because she has lost a good friend of hers. Writing a novel about it is such an amazing thing to do and I admire her for this. She is still working for a company – sometimes until 2am in the morning. My dear I hope you don’t work too much and take the time for yourself.

Well last but not least there is this girl with whom I shared the last 4 months. During this time we got to know each other so much better and it only proofed me, what I already knew. She has the biggest and most honest heart. She will always tell you the truth, she is brave and strong. It was amazing seeing her grow during this journey. She didn’t speak very good English at first but after this journey you would never think, that she never attended an English class. And that’s because she tried everyday – learning by doing. Thank you beautiful for always having an open ear and a shoulder to cry on. Thank you for all those wonderful moments we shared. Thank you for always dealing with the taxi drivers and for always saying everything right into my face – when I needed it. You for sure deserve a man who sees the strong women you are but also the warm heart you have.

If you would ask me: What did you do the past few days/weeks? I would answer: Talking with those amazing girls. We ate great food, shared our stories and were just connected with each other. And we did a loot of yoga!

While the past four month were about seeing the most wonderful places on earth, the past few days were about meeting the most wonderful people.

Thank you Serenity Eco Guesthouse for brining us together. Soon we all go our own journey but will always keep in touch and hopefully see each other again soon.

Xoxo Nadine


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  • Reply Erwin

    Thank you Nadine for being part of my girls amazing Bali experience. All the best to you and keep enjoying your travels!

    March 1, 2016 at 10:21 am
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