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Hello again!

First of all – it was hot really really hot. In Swiss German we would say: tüppig!! Because of the volcano we are sweating all the time. And on Thursday we even had to stay in our rooms because we felt really dizzy. Now we feel better but it’s still hot, but that’s what I wanted – right? 😉 The last few days we spent at the beach, mostly in front of La Plancha, which is a great sunset bar at the beach. You see a few pics in the gallery. We even made a friend. His name is butu and he is a cute white dog. You know how much I love dogs.

I still love Bali! The food is amazing and our place too. The only thing that bothers me, are the taxi drivers. We pay a lot of money for like 200 meters and they are not friendly at all. One night we went to a bar and the taxi driver wanted 5 Dollars for like 300 meters. So we said no and he screamed at me while he had this really bad look in his face and he pointed his finger at me. And he had one looong fingernail – I can’t describe how long, but it scared the hell out of me. I think I got cursed or something. Anyway of course I paid those 5 dollars and ran off. Well of course it’s not dollars but rupie and here comes an other “problem”. I suck at math so I never now how much I have to pay I mean 100 dollars are a milliion rupie. So sometimes I give 5000 rupie to the taxi driver and he looks at me like wtf? So 5000 rupie is only 5 cents oops. Anyway the bar (la favela) was really loud so you can’t speak in there just smile and dance. After midnight you should either be really drunk, get drunk or go home. We went home. I mean I am almost 30 after all. 😉

Haha while I am tipping those lines to you guys, I hear a “qouak” its not like a “quak” – this is our villa frog. He comes to visit once in a while but mostly he just quoaks in the bush. We named him Oscar. So I guess Oscar wants to tell me, that I should go to bed and turn off the lights. I actually have to go to bed since we are going up early tomorrow. I will keep you guys updated very soon. We also booked a stay in ubud for two nights – wait until you see the pics.

Xoxo Nadine


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  • Reply Dad

    hi girls! nice to hear you’re ok, despite vulcano-heat an 100% humidity, but that’s what you were looking for, istn’t it? back in old switzerland weather is still fine and (too) warm, very unlike a normal november. water is lacking in some parts of the country and soon there’s only valser-wasser left…I hope you enjoy oscar and maybe look for a girlfriend for him, then geit’s ersch richtig los, gell?! well, enjoy your stay, be good girls, cover the vulcano and drink enough (parents, of course…). hope to see you soon, probably in skype, then in natura. kisses from good old uettligen! dad

    November 9, 2015 at 8:54 pm
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