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And this too shall pass

this too shall pass

Hi guys

Again I haven’t been writing as much as I would have liked too. So many things have happened again. I went for a short visit to Thailand and then flew around the world to Los Angeles to attend the most amazing wedding from my dear friend. Seeing one of my best friends getting married to a man she truly loves and hearing them exchanging their wedding vows was just a magical experience.

Then I flew back to Bali and found myself a little of the track. Just now I’ve finally found a moment of peace and felt like writing.

I am sitting on the veranda of the villa I am living in. It’s a warm but not too hot a day and there is a nice breeze so I can hear the wind chimes and the leaves from the trees. And the water from the pool is a nice background sound. Apart from that, it’s super quite – finally. No pigs, no roosters, no dogs, no people. It is Galungan, a very important Balinese Holiday so everyone went back to the village to attend the ceremonies. And now I know why I can’t hear the pigs…Ok dropping that thought.

Next to me on the bench is pixie the cat. She won’t stop walking all over me and meowing. I can feel that she is trying to apologize cause she knows exactly that she was keeping me awake all night. She wouldn’t stop meowing in front of my bathroom door. Well, actually I wouldn’t call it meowing but screaming. If I hadn’t been so mad and tired I would have made a video to prove how crazy the cat was.

this too shall pass


You might think “oh come on one night with no sleep isn’t too bad” but as a matter of fact, I have not been sleeping well for a while.

I remember I used to listen to an audiobook from a monk called Ajahn Brahm and he used to say: “And this too shall pass”. Everything in life is in a constant change no matter whether it is good or bad. So his advice was to always remember “and this too shall pass”. I know I always thought about that when I was back in Switzerland and it gave me hope and would lift me up. But the past year I’ve never thought about this very wise advice. Why? I was always happy. But the advice was to think about it in every life situation no matter what. Because also the happy times shall pass and the next wave will arrive and it might not be a happy one, but this too shall pass.

So my life back in Bali didn’t start as planned and some weird stuff happened. You know I love to live here and I am trying to adapt to the rules (or mostly no rules) this country has. But I think there are times when every westerner struggles and just doesn’t understand how to react or whom to trust.

Balinese people say that this Island tells you whether it want’s you to stay or not and it also tests you to see how serious you are about staying here.

So despite some not so good days here I still feel very blessed and I am happy about my life. And right now in this very peaceful moment at the veranda with pixie, I know why I love to live in Bali the Islands of Gods.




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