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Hello Everyone

Wow I just realised how long I haven’t been writing. So there is a lot of catching up to do.

After my meditation retreat I went to the south part of Thailand, starting in Krabi. Have you ever seen the James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”? Well I wanted to see that rock in the ocean and I did.  I have to admit, it’s not as big as I expected it to be, but still nice to see.

During my time in Krabi I went to see a lot of different islands and beaches and every time I was sitting in a long-tail boat it just kind of hit me. How amazing is it? Sitting in a long-tail boat, watching the ocean and exploring stunning beaches in Thailand. Gratitude my friends! I really liked Railay Beach and I thought it couldn’t get better, but it did… =)

Before it even got better, it also got worse for the first time during my travels.

My friend Rahel broke her little toe on a boat trip and we had to go to a hospital. Those of you, who know me very good, know how I unfortunately have experience with hospitals in another country. This time the hospital was even worse than I expected it. While I was signing some papers for Rahel, I could see a guy with his nose half gone. I am not kidding or over exaggerating – there was only half of a nose and an open wound bleeding. No curtains no nothing. I felt horrible and didn’t want my friend to be in this hospital. Lucky us there was an other hospital where we could go and a nice doctor.

The day after; one broken toe, two huge and heavy suitcases, two heavy bags, two handbags and two Swiss girls tried to go to Koh Phi Phi islands. Quite a funny trip. The bungalow I booked is only reachable with a long-tail boat. And no there is no harbour or anything like this. You just arrive at the beach in front of the hotel.

Haha I already saw myself carrying all those bags. Rahel was busy not to fell out of the boat. Lucky us we had some help. And there we were: At a beachfront bungalow in front of one of the most beautiful beaches. Literally three steps from the bungalow to the ocean. If you ever go to Koh Phi Phi try to get a room there.

Koh Phi Phi

Of course I wanted to see Maya Bay also known from the famous movie “The Beach”. So we rented a long-tail boat to go there and I was sooo excited, I pictured myself entering the bay in that long-tail boat to one of the most famous beaches and lying there (alone, waiting for Leonadro Di Caprio) in the sand. But I had to learn: You can’t control nature. It controls you and you have to accept and respect it. So I was ready for the beach, but according to the boatman the waves were too high and I had to reschedule my trip for the next (and also last) day of my Koh Phi Phi trip. Different day, same story. Waves were too high. I watched the ocean and could also see the island, where we were supposed to go so I didn’t understand why the boat wouldn’t leave? The waves were completely fine and not high at all (my opinion). So I talked with the reception and they sent us a speedboat with other tourists on it. I don’t’ like those tourist trips but I had no other option to go there – so I went on that boat. Two minutes after we left I got remembered that I should have a little more faith in other people when they tell me “waves are too high”. The waves were really high and I took more than just one see-sick-pill. The beach was as amazing as I thought. Blue clear water and white sand. Of course it was not me lying alone at the beach with Leonardo Di Caprio but with 100 other Chinese tourists and 10 other boats haha not a hidden paradise, but still amazing.

Maya Bay


After Koh Phi Phi I went for two nights to Phuket and then to Koh Samui. It was nice, but I just don’t like those touristy places.

Usually I only book two or three nights ahead because I like to be spontaneous. But at the end of my Thailand trip I wanted to go to a nice hotel, do some yoga and relax. This is why I booked a one week yoga retreat in Koh Samui.

I wish I could write now: best experience ever. But unfortunately it wasn’t.

What went wrong? Long long story and I will definitely tell you guys everything in an other blog post. To sum it up for now: I learned a lot about my body and how I should listen to it and be kind to my body instead of pushing too hard. And Rahel learnt all about detox and what it does to your body.

After Koh Samui I went back to Bali again. Rahel and I will finish our journey together how we started it. Well not exactly the same since it’s rainy season but we still love Bali.

So this was Thailand for me: Amazing temples, stunning nature, great beaches, spicy food, meditation, monk chats, getting closer to locals in Chiang Mai, lots of tourists, taking care of an elephant, great massages.


Kob Kuhn Kha Thailand – you treated me well.

Now it’s again time for a new adventure.







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